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Women are truly a gift. They are sensitive from within, yet can choose to be strong. Even if they are having a bad day, they can do the extreme opposite just so that everyone around them is happy.

A woman is blessed with distinct and exceptional characteristics and most of all she has the privilege to play a remarkable role of being a mother, all of which has been bestowed upon her by our loving Father.

Every woman deserves to know her true worth. It is of great significance that she can be capable enough to find herself and the ideal way is through prayer and the relationship she shares with God.

true worth.png

The word of God will not only guide her to know her in a better form but also gives her the endeavors to lead a prosperous life.

Women are not designed by mistake or accident but because God willed them to be created and bestowed on them unique graces and gifts.

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Elizabeth Arden wrote,” Every woman has the right to be beautiful “. But I say every woman is BEAUTIFUL.

What every woman needs to truly understand is that there is so much more to them than how the world sees them. They are unique, inspiring, beguiling, innovative and filled with so much of fortitude,

So don’t shy away from the world, embrace the true you. Be your idea of beautiful. Cut all those trivial strings. And finally, do what makes you happy because you deserve the best.

Happy Women’s Day!

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