Mario Pucci has made an extraordinary effort by providing us with a book on, ‘The Saint of the Red Cross’. This book dwells on the life of Camillus de Lellis as a lay person and his journey to being the disciple of the Almighty.

Camillus de Lellis was the son of Camilla de Lellis and Giovanni de Lellis, who was born on the 25th of May 1550. His father was a noble who spent more time on the battlefield and was rarely home. Camillus’s mother gave birth to him when she was around the age of sixty.

As and when the people around the neighbourhood received the extraordinary news of her pregnancy they started to call her by the nickname Saint Elizabeth, which she didn’t quite approve of.

One night when she was dreaming, she saw a line of boys dressed up in attire which had across imprinted near the chest and ropes around their waist. The line was lead by a tall boy, who held a flag with a Cross on it too and that’s when a voice spoke to her saying the words, ‘That’s your boy’, which threw her back into a state of complete surprise. That caused her to make him swear that he would always keep God in his heart and live by his laws.

Due to her growing age, de Lellis lost his mother. He then joined his father, Giovanni and fought in a war against the Turks.

After serving for a good time in the army, he took up a job in a friary because of a wound on one of his legs. About that time, his good nature overtook his temper, which became the driving force behind his conversion.

Eventually, de Lellis realized his call for a religious conversion was strong enough, so he pursued that endeavour with the help of his confessor.

St Camillus strongly believed that the love we spread amongst others always weighed down selfish nature.

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Later as the years passed by, Camillus shifted his attention to the needs of the sick, the major problem being the negligent treatment they received in the hospitals. He engaged in directing the wealthy as to how they could assist the sick and the needy.

The Mission of St. Camillus was purely evangelization of the sick and the poor. His story has proven to be inspiring to many folks. Nevertheless, if you’re wondering about why we call Camillus de Lellis, ’The Saint of the Red Cross’ this book is sure to unravel this and many other mysteries about the Saint.

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