• the joy of being human

The Joy of Being Human


The Joy of Being Human touches on how to include an attitude of openness that leads to knowing oneself.


Life, despite its ups and downs, can be either worth living or devoid of meaning, depending on the way one chooses to live it. Through this book, the author ably helps the reader bring out the humanness in one’s life. The aspects this book touches on include an attitude of openness that leads to knowing oneself. The reader thereby begins to see the difference between “living” and “existing”. To make this possible, and eminently so, simple steps are recommended. Slowly but surely, as life proceeds, the reader begins to experience a new sense of well-being, a feeling of fulfillment. Life begins to feel worth living, peace and joy flooding the soul. The author lays great emphasis on the value of human relations, conscious of the fact that being human essentially involves the other. Bringing up the rear of the book is the need to dream — to dream big and to hold on to that dream, for dreams are the stuff life is made of, dreams are the foundation on which a life of joy, peace, and humanness is built.

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