The Gifts of Change


Change is an ever-present part of our personal and professional lives. It is not something to be tolerated, endured or adapted to. Rather, change is to be embraced, welcomed and regarded as an opportunity to gain a new perspective. Like a plough that tills the soil, events and conditions (whether unexpected or planned) turn our lives inside out and upside down, and give us the chance to grow stronger. The Gifts of Change encourages readers to push beyond self- imposed boundaries, using the changes that come into their lives as a way to develop new abilities as well as find those that have lain dormant. The Gifts of Change will provoke thought, encourage reflection and create an enhanced awareness in readers; and along the way it can ignite physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The Gifts of Change shows us how to embrace change and discover all the wonderful possibilities that lie beneath our fear of the unfamiliar.

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