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Hidden Wings is a book offering hope and understanding.

You must become the change you long for. Fine words, a great vision, but where to begin? We
caterpillars know. From the moment we are conceived in our parents; mating dance, we already
contain the cells that hold our future butterfly. We become, literally, the change we carry within us,
as our hidden wings take shape. Tumultuous changes are occurring in the world around us, and the
structures and values by which we have charted our lives seem to be collapsing. Many of us are
struggling to plot a spiritual path through this unfamiliar landscape and to believe in a positive
future. Hidden Wings is a book offering hope and understanding. Using the example of a caterpillar
entering the devastating, world-altering stage of the chrysalis, before emerging – transformed – like a
butterfly, Margaret Silf helps us to see that these times of chaos could, in fact, be an opportunity for
profound spiritual transformation.

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