Healing the Heart of Emotional Wounds


If there is one illness to which all humans are subject to, that is emotional hurt or wound. Hardly anyone who fights the battle of life is immune to this “disease”. Renowned psychologist, C.P. Varkey examines the two common means of healing our emotional wounds, namely, psychology and religion. Psychology, counselling and psychotherapy are very powerful tools to shape emotions, intellect and behavior. But these can be very dangerous and mislead people, if used without anchoring in true spiritual values, or by people who do not have such values. Religion is perhaps the greatest force on earth to help people to become wholesome. But even religion, if used without a humble monitoring by reason, can do a lot of harm. The list of violations of human rights, violence and wars that took place in the name of religion is mind-boggling indeed. The author argues that the inner dynamics of emotional healing, using psychology or religion, is the same. After all, we are dealing with the same human nature and using two gifts which the same God has given us. A valuable contribution to both psychology and religion, this book shows how they should complement each other and keep a prudent check on each other.

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