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Modern men and women live in a state of perpetual anxiety as a result of the uncertain times and mounting pressures from all quarters. The outcome is accumulating stress in the workplace, at home and everywhere else. Fortunately, psychologists of different persuasions have developed techniques to help cope with these stresses and maintain ones sanity. These include Carl Roger’s Client-centred Therapy, Fritz PerIs’ Gestalt Therapy, Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy, Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Therapy. On the education front, other luminaries have tried to elicit from students the best possible performance through learning techniques that have made the educational process richer and more enjoyable. Modern business and industry, intent on enhancing productivity, innovation, achievement motivation and job satisfaction among its employees, have funded studies to achieve these goals. Simultaneously, thanks to the rekindling of interest in the West in Eastern religious traditions, much research has been done on comparative spirituality and the impact of various meditative practices on modern man and woman. This book brings together these techniques for the first time in a readily accessible manner so that you can decide for yourself which prescriptions are most suitable for your balanced growth. Luis S.R. Vas is the author of Dynamics of Mind Management and Skills for Excellence.

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