• DARE: 20 DARES that helped a shy, skinny, sickly boy, face his challenges head-on, and can do the same for YOU…



Dare is an action-packed book full of inspiring and motivational nuggets of wisdom that will guide you in making the best decisions of your life. The author Robert Clements is a renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker with over 2 million daily newspaper readers. His book will share key insights on how to face challenges head-on and accomplish all your goals no matter how big they may seem.


DARE is for you, if like Robert Clements, once a sickly, shy and skinny lad, you aspire to breakthrough, rise and make things happen in your life, like he did. Every chapter is action packed, leading you, guiding you up the path he took, helping you, with the same techniques he dared use to blaze a trail. It’s a hard to put down book, and we DARE say, this book will change your life, change the way you think, change the path you choose, to storm your own way through! It will change you from a ‘I can’t do it’ person, to an, ‘I can’ one! Now DARE go through the book!

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