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Many of us ask: “Who am I? What am l here for?” and then merely wait for the answer instead of creating it. A Generous Nature is a tool you can use to discover who you really are, what you really want and how you can create a future that thrills you. It is easy to look at the world and pin-point what is not working. It is easy to look at other people and see how they could be doing things differently. It is much more difficult to look at ourselves! Yet, that precisely is vital, for we are the only ones whose behaviour we can change. To achieve new outcomes in our lives, even to change the world, we have to take responsibility for the part we play. This profound yet practical book shows you how to enhance your experience of the things you like, and address the things you don’t enjoy. You learn how to overcome fear, heal hurts and feel more powerful in everything you do. Almost effortlessly you will start to see the real ‘you’ emerging — a person who loves life, relishes success, understands self and has compassion for others. This book is for people who are prepared to look at themselves honestly and trust themselves to achieve greater things. Above all it is for those who ardently desire to master their lives so that they in turn touch the lives of those around them with love, generosity, abundance, peace and joy.

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