Deep Calls to Deep – Going further in Prayer

Ever since I was a little boy, prayer for me was always a personal affair. I use to get bored ‘reciting’ formal prayers during mass. I just could never seem to connect with God. I felt the only way I could get connected to God is by naturally talking to him, in the same way, you talk to a friend.

And this might be true for many of us, it is a way of praying and it is an effective way, but what I want to share is one moment of my life which really helped me realize the power of formal prayers. One day during my 15th Std Exams, I was really stressed out and there were just a few hours left for my paper to start.

I had this routine of studying in a small garden at around 7 am in the morning. Our papers were usually at 12 pm in the afternoon, so I had plenty of time to revise. Now this garden was about 5 mins away from my house so I usually use to talk to God in my head whilst walking towards the Garden. This was the daily norm for me

And I remember this so vividly because that day, I just asked God that please give me a formal prayer for this paper because I felt like I needed to say the right words rather than just have a conversation.

The very moment this thought struck me, something in my mind urged me immediately to freeze my leg, so I did and when I looked down on the road, I was about to step on something.

When I looked down, I saw a small picture of Baby Jesus on the road which I was about to stamp if I wouldn’t have stopped my leg midway. I lifted the picture up and flipped it to see what it was and what I found really CHANGED MY LIFE

I saw a prayer titled – “Prayer before studies” on the back and that just blew my mind! You won’t believe how excited I was to say the prayer and I was so happy to have found it. I think I was so excited to see God reach out to me that my paper went well too!

So I know for a fact that formal prayers are important too and what I learned from the book deep calls to deep helped me in my daily prayers as well.

I am going to share the 5 finger technique with you so that it helps you too, This is one of the methods straight out of the book. The author, however, explains numerous ways of praying and you can decide what works best for you.

So here is the technique and we will begin from the back. For starters, the weakest fingers are for praying for people or things, what that means is, myself being on the last finger and my neighbor or friend being on the fourth finger.

The middle finger, which is the longest stands for Thanksgiving, which I should do more often. The index finger being next is for pointing at my own faults and not for blaming others. It represents the prayer of confession and contrition.

And the last is the thumb, which is actually the first finger and the most significant one, as it is for God himself. The Prayer for adoration and praise.

So you always start praying from the thumb towards the last finger, in that order.

This method really got me excited about prayers and I just couldn’t wait to try it practically in my life.

Like this, there may be a prayer cycle that you follow which is completely alright in its own way.

But today, what we really need, is to focus at a deeper dimension of prayer.

By that, I mean not getting your prayer mixed with any kind of disturbances and daydreams.

We are defined by the relationship we share with our Father and that can be achieved only through Prayers.

So if you are seeking to do the same, this book will help you move from Prayers to Prayer by exposing you to a renewed path of praying.

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