For many, a church is simply a building wherein religious practices are held, whereas for some it is an escape from the chaotic world into a peaceful locale.

Well, what really makes a church are the people. Where people are gathered in harmony together to worship the Lord, is what a church really is.

Perhaps today, the efforts of the parishioners and the pastors are been driven towards a drier state. And this happens in a good amount of parishes which are both in the urban and rural areas.

So the question that arises now is, how do we as a community establish strong grounds to become an effective outpost or a really good frontier of the Great Commission and the New Evangelisation?
This book was published for this very reason.

It is a blueprint offered by Fr James Mallon who focuses on how badly the world needs Jesus and how we as a parish can give our best in this endeavor.

Divine Renovation is proving to be an attempt to not only guide many priests and pastors but the parishioners as well to join in this amusing mission of Christ.

The tools provided in this book will be of great assistance to priests and the parishioners, as it provides a step by step guideline to judge the effectiveness of the practices that have been carried on in the past and in the present as well. It also has many activities such as questionnaires, charts, graphs etc.

Nevertheless, it will help in overcoming all the basic problems that are faced by almost every parish.

Knowing that this mission is a continuous work in progress, it won’t only require the efforts of the parish priest alone. This is a revolutionary journey that the church has to participate in, as a whole.

Although the parish head that is the priest or the pastor has to be prepared to lead the way at all times. Thus it can further, result in being influential on all the parishioners to take the measures that may be required.

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Divine Renovation: From a Maintenance to a Missional Parish

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