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Better Yourself Books

We at Better Yourself Books have always aimed to improve the lives of our beloved readers by providing valuable inspiring stories that can bring about a positive impact in one’s life. Keeping this in mind, we have created a new and improved website called BetterYourselfBooks.com

The new website has been carefully designed keeping our readers in mind first. We invite all our customers to explore this new website. You will notice an improved user-friendly experience, functionality and easy navigation through our variety of books, magazines and articles.

Some of the new features of the website are as follows:

Simplified Navigation: The new simplified navigation will help our readers easily browse through all their favorite books with minimum number of clicks. Now choosing your favorite titles at Better Yourself Books is easy.

Quick Add-to-Cart Functionality: Experience uninterrupted shopping with the quick add-to-cart functionality. Our main focus is to enhance user-experience. Now you can add all the books that you want easily and only login once you have completed your book selection. Besides this, you can now sign up with your social networking credentials.

Enhanced Security: Even though the new site is user-friendly, Better Yourself Books has not compromised on your security. We have gone all out of our way to ensure your data is protected and secure. The site is completely secured with enhanced security as per global standards.

New Benefits: Our business is not just selling books but improving lives, keeping that in mind, we have added a new blog and videos section as well. We will be creating high quality content in the form of long-form articles and videos from authors and experts across various categories. Now you can better yourself and your life with tips, tricks, strategies and recommendations from thousand’s of authors and professionals.

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this new and improved website with all of the extra features and benefits that come with it. This was created for you and we will continue to work hard in adding more value to your life.

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