Are you a winner or a loser book review

Are you a winner or a loser is a book that is written for teenagers and adolescents who are faced with those tough questions that often haunt us when we are growing up: Are we good enough?

Adolescence is marred with feelings of insecurities, doubts, self-esteem issues, relationship struggles, career difficulties and so much more. It is a tough time for people and this book is perfect to answer all of your questions and make you feel like you are a champion.

It is a brilliant and practical with psychological insights that attempt to help the young and the young at heart to take a second look at themselves.

You will be taught how to reflect on crucial questions that will shape your life such as, What am I doing now? Does what I am doing now help me attain the long-range goals of my life? — What should I be doing if I am to achieve these goals? 

A book that will definitely benefit you if you want to move forward in life and make decisions that will not only help you through that confusing phase but also help you come out strong like a champion.

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