5 Best Inspirational Books by Indian Authors

In the hum-drum of texts, selfies, memes, and retweets, it has become extremely difficult for one to just sit down, relax and pick a nice book that will inspire you to better yourself. There are thousands of inspirational books out there to choose from and even more content online. One would expect all of this to make life much easier, however, what it does is that it makes things even more complicated, and choosing can become an overwhelming ordeal.

If you are one of those voracious readers who just hasn’t had the time to hunt for a good book, especially if you’re a fan of Indian authors in the motivational, inspirational and self-help genre, here are our top picks of the 5 best inspirational books for 2019 that will change your life. 

Unsung Heroes – Major (Retd) Pradeep Khare

Unsung Heroes: Real Stories to Inspire You

Unsung heroes are unlike most of the self-help books out there in the market. It does away with shedding out theoretical principles that often come across as sermons and actually goes on to give you real-life success stories that people used in their lives that may seem quite impossible to many. Major Pradeep Khare has been doing amazing and valuable social work by sharing inspiring and valuable stories in the most practical styles ever. 

The book is divided into various sections such as Academic Achievers, Enterprising Entrepreneurs, Good Samaritans, Promising Prodigies and so on with each section sharing real stories of how ordinary people achieved extraordinary feats in their life.   

Forgiveness: A pill for every ill – S. Devaraj

Forgiveness: A Pill for Every Ill

Forgiveness: A pill for every ill begins with a quote from the Japanese philosopher Miyagi, 

“For man with no forgiveness in heart, life is worse punishment than death.”

The entirety of the book is based on the divine quality of forgiveness. S.Devaraj will drive the point in that forgiveness is the solution to millions of problems that humankind currently faces. The book is packed with how forgiveness can help you overcome anger and sadness in your life and give you the tools to attain emotional maturity, acquire the virtue of courage and help you attain peace of mind. 

Mending the Mind – Dr Atul Pednekar

If you are a student of psychology or are interested in psychological principles in understanding and improving the human mind, then mending the mind is the perfect book for you. Dr. Atul Pednekar is a Counsellor, Teacher and Self-Help empowerment trainer who breaks down concepts of Spirituality, Psychology, and Yoga in the simplest form possible so that it helps you understand your mind and practically apply these techniques in a clinical manner

Choose to Be Happy – S.Devaraj

Choose to be happy

Choose to be happy stresses the importance of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, desires, and decisions that we make that result in positive or negative outcomes in our life. The author teaches you how to make good decisions, not to react to negativity, always strive to be busy and never be lazy, avoid rash judgments and so on. 

The book is divided into 66 categories and each category is packed with poems, tips, and strategies on how to improve your life.  
Choose to be Happy is one inspirational book that will truly make you see and understand the positive aspects of life and help you deal with difficult situations in an effective manner. 

Never Give Up! – Dr Sajith Cyriac, SSP

Never Give Up!

Never give up is a book that revolves around the real-life stories of a few people who have faced innumerable challenges and yet despite all their difficulties have pushed forward and succeeded in life. The book talks about the lives of notable people like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Abraham Lincoln, Earl Nightingale, Dhirubhai Ambani and much more. 

In totality, you will learn about 150 truly inspirational people who made it big with their never give up attitude. As you read each page of the book you will find an echo of ‘never give up’ stirring within you’ that will inspire you to become the best version of yourself.   


And there you have it, our top 5 inspirational books for 2019. Each of these books will inspire you to be better versions of yourself and fill you with the motivation needed to make it big in life. Have you read any of the books on the list? Do let us know in the comments below and share the inspiration!

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